Let Dr. Miles help you with your due diligence and decision about which CBCT machine is right for you. After completing this assessment form, you can contact Dr. Miles for an in-office consultation to help you get the best cone beam technology for the applications you are considering.

Your Information

A. Current Products and Product Support

1. Which dental distributor supplies your office and supports your current technology devices?
2. Which digital imaging products you currently own?

B. Proposed Dental Applications

Please check all of the following that are true for your practice.

C. CBCT Level of Understanding - Due Diligence

2. Who recommended the machine(s) to look at?

D. Potential Impediments to Purchase

Please rank the top three (3) for you.

  1 2 3
Cost of Machine
Lack of Knowledge of Anatomy
Worry about missing something in scan
Space for device
Knowledge of computers and handling the data
Time required to view all data in the scan
Integration into practice
Staff training
Re-training to know what's in my scan
Needing to refer CBCT data to a radiologist for reporting

E. Staff and Other Considerations